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Extension Skills

Second Thursday of Every Month:
March 10th, April 14th, May 12th, June 9th, July 14th, August 11th, September 8th, October 13th, November 10th, December 8th, 2022
2 PM - 3 PM Eastern

Each second Thursday of the month, the Impact Collaborative's Extension Skills series will provide an opportunity for Cooperative Extension professionals to build capacity with tools, processes and tech skills training. 

Each month, we will update the information below for what the Extension Skills Session for the month will be!

This series is available to Extension Foundation Members Only. Find out if you're an Extension Foundation member at extension.org/members

Extension Skills September 8th, 2022 Session

Cocreating Value through Customer Relationship Management: A Basic Overview of Social CRM.

Are you tired of using spreadsheets to keep track of your clients? Do you wish that you could find an easier way to manage your contacts, send targeted communications, create social media content, integrate event registration, and better understand the lifecycle of engagement with your audience? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems afford the opportunity to easily integrate this critical infrastructure under one roof. In this Extension Skills session, we will go over the key features of CRM systems and look at real-world applications of how these systems can play a role in helping Cooperative Extension professionals cocreate value between their programs and their clients and improve customer service experiences. 

Presenter: Aaron Weibe

Aaron Weibe is the Communications and Engagement Manager for the Extension Foundation since 2018.  He supports communications, marketing, outreach, and engagement efforts for all Extension Foundation’s programs and provides technical administration over the Extension Foundation's Hubspot CRM system. 

Aaron has a bachelor's degree in music performance from Greensboro College, Greensboro, NC, and a Master’s degree in Communications from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. He is a doctoral candidate in strategic communications from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. 


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